What is Pay-per-click? Things to Know About PPC Marketing

What is Pay-per-click? Things to Know About PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is a great online advertising model that creates ads on the google search results and webpages, where the advertiser pays to the host every time a user clicks on the ad. There are different types of PPC ads based on prices. The most common ones are the paid search ads which you can find on the google search pages, especially when you are doing a commercial search. Any product or service can pay for the PPC ads, including the medical companies, household products, enterprise software, and other local services. The pay-per-click advertising charges the business only for the number of clicks on the ad, hence the name.

Popular PPC Platforms

PPC may seem new to you, but with or without knowing, you would have come across PPC advertisements while surfing the net. They are the banners which appear on the websites with exciting offers. If you click on these banners, you will be redirected to the website of the advertiser. The two biggest PPC platforms which offer space for advertisers are Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Google Ads

The ads of google are shown to users based on their searches. Google helps advertisers to reach the right audience by showing their ads to the users who are looking for a similar or the same service that the advertiser is offering. It promises better traffic to the websites and results in better conversion rates.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads have the best targeting system which uses retargeting based on segmented marketing. It also allows users to customize their target base. Facebook ads also allow the advertiser to promote their product or service on Instagram at the same time. This helps the advertisers to reach an audience who did not search for the exact product, but they seem to be interested after being introduced to the product.

While Google Ads work for demand harvesting, Facebook Ads are all about demand generation. These two types of PPC advertising are the most effective and can promise better conversions for any advertiser.

There are other PPC platforms as well, which exist on social media sites such as Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Quora Ads, and Youtube Ads. The advertisers can learn about the benefits of each ad platform to pick the best platforms that can help their type of business.

Bidding in PPC advertising

Almost all the PPC platforms offer a bidding system where the advertisers choose an amount that they are willing to pay for an action. This amount will factor into the number of placements their ad campaign gets. Some of the platforms like Facebook Ads take more than just the bid in consideration. It offers a consideration of relevance and ad engagement for the bidding. The ads that do well are given a higher relevance score and get more impressions at cheaper rates. This is why the advertisers should think about their ads carefully with the right keywords and marketing creativity.

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