Photography In The Digital Age

Like most things, with the emergence of digital storage, the internet and the cloud, photography has experienced disruptive technological progress over the past decade. It wasn't that long ago that people bought film, manually used lenses and had at least one polaroid camera. But long gone are the days of having films produced in a red room by technicians and big bulky SLR cameras. Modern photography has made it so simple to take great pictures, that now even smartphones has DSRL quality image capiability and digital zoom as good as most high end cameras. Photographers are fast becoming obsolete with huge progress in technology in post editing also - now apps and programs exist that do the work immediately after the images have been taken. The emergence of social media including Instagram, Facebook and Google+ have contributed to further investment in technology as users of these platforms require more and more visual based content. E-commerce also has been revolutionised and companies striving to improve bounce rates and conversion rates are looking to use better and better product photographers to ensure their products look great and have the best possible chance of impressing site traffic. If you want to see some examples of great product photography then visit this website which has great examples of men's skin care products.

Due to the connected nature of social media and the internet, visual based content such as videos is growing. This has resulted in not only more work for photographers, but also a huge influx in work for videographers and video production companies. YouTube advertising has become an important part of any digital marketing strategy so it's not suprising trends are moving this way. 

Digital storage has also improved tremendously. Gigabytes worth of data can be held on a small flash card which results in tens of thousands of DSRL quality shots. This obviously has made it much cheaper to take, delete and edit photos without spending money on having photographs developed. 

In summary, great photography is easy for most, but if you're after a truly professional shot it still pays to speak with a photographer. In the future, things may be different but for now this is the reality.